In our previous article, we introduced the standard marker used by Geodetic Engineers (GE) in marking the corners of one’s property, which is the Mohon. Ideally, these markings are the ones we will place at every corner of your lot for proper identification of your property lines after we surveyed the lot.

However, in some instances such as when the corner lies on an immovable rock or on a living tree, it is improbable that we can place the mohon on that corner. Section 88 of DENR Memorandum Circular No. 2010-13, Adoption of the Manual on Land Survey Procedures, provides for other acceptable lot corner markers such as the following:

  • In acceptable living trees – a cross chiselled upon the blaze of an acceptable living tree and at the point of intersection of the cross is a galvanized iron spike;
  • In wooden post of durable hardwood of not less than 15cm in diameter forming part of a house, a fence, or other permanent structures – galvanized iron spike set at the center of a cross to be marked thereon;
  • In concrete posts, masonry, concrete walls, immovable rock, or boulders – galvanized iron spike driven into the structure or a cross mark chiselled upon such structure, when marking using galvanized iron spike is not feasible;
  • In metal pipes having an outside diameter greater than 2 cm – such pipes shall be filled with concrete and shall be defined either by a galvanized iron spike or by a conical hole not exceeding 2 cm in diameter and not less than 1 cm in depth, or by a cross mark chiselled on the concrete top.
Image 1. To mark a corner located in concrete walls, it is acceptable to use galvanized iron spike in delineating the appropriate corner.

In these instances, these markers are accepted as substitutes for the standard mohon. So, if your GE did not place mohon at some corners of your lot for some specific, don’t blame him or ask instantly for a refund. 🙂 Look first for these other markings which s/he could have placed at that specific corner. 😉

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