By Lira P. Habana

For some Geodetic Engineers, requesting a certified true copy of title through the assistance of the landowner is a primary step in order to push through with the land survey of the property. This is a necessary condition in order to validate the authenticity of the land title itself. If such land title has no available certified true copy in the Register of Deeds (RD), suspicions over the client’s title may arise as it may mean that the subject land title can be fake. But, there are instances that such copy was just lost in the records especially if the copy was not yet in the electronic database of LRA. If such instances occur, feel free to contact us here so we can connect you with proper agencies that can assist you with these types of concerns.

If you are not familiar with where and how you can request a certified true copy of title, one can file a request for such copy in their local Register (sometimes referred to as Registry) of Deeds or in the Land Registration Authority (LRA) Central Office located in East Avenue corner NIA Road, Quezon City. Normally, the price per copy runs about P270 for the first three pages as of the date of this writing. Additional fees will incur if there are more than three pages or if the place where one filed his request is in a different branch where the property is situated. For example: if one requested a certified copy of title in Makati but the title originated in the Register of Deeds – Puerto Princesa Branch, there will be additional fees tagged in the Invoice as IT Service – Network Transmittal Fee, which costs about P450.00. The processing period normally takes about 3-5 working days from the date of payment, depending on the branch of RD.

So, here are the steps in requesting a certified copy of the title:

  1. Check for the address of the branch of Register of Deeds where the property is situated:
  2. Fill out the upper part of the Request Form (LTCP Form 0012 Version 2.0):
LTCP Form 0012 Version 2.0. “Information Request Form”

3. Present the filled-out request form together with other requirements prescribed in the RD (such requirements are usually photocopies of the subject title and photocopy of the requestor’s ID) to receive the assessment form and payment order (“billing”).

4. Pay to the cashier the amount reflected in the billing.

5. After payment, the cashier will give you the official receipt (in pink form). Depending on the processing days of the RD, you may have to wait a few days to get the certified title.

6. Return to RD on your scheduled date of claiming and present the pink slip. Don’t forget to check the copy of the title before leaving the premises!

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